Sunday, October 28, 2007

Panties Glorious Panties

Janie Marlowe of Mischief is having a panties hunt. If you find all 21 panties you can enter to win 1K. When I first landed I had Lag anxiety. I just started clicking signs (she suggests you read the note card first) and I accidentally added myself to the group for those who found all 21 panties. ACK!! I didn't want to be a liar so I spent the majority of my night looking for little pink gifts (though I did end up buying a bunch of other stuff as well). I FINALLY found them all and now I am headed to bed.

Love, Aly

P.S. If you see me with no pants on, it is because I love my mischief undies and want to show them off!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Quickie before bed.

I have been doing as many Halloween activities as I can. As a result I have been getting a ton of fantastic freebies. I have to say that the ball gag is, hands down, my favorite freebie so far. ROFL!

You can win the it as well as some gorgeous silks at Beautiful Sin. I have never been into silks but I sure feel sexy in the ones I won bobbing for apples!
Love, Silky Aly

Monday, October 15, 2007

Liquid Heat's Halloween Sim

I was on the hunt for anything Halloween related. I have a soft spot for themed Sims so, when I saw that Liquid Heat had a Halloween Sim, I TPed right away.

From what I can tell Liquid Heat is composed of Slade Christensen & Erin Burks. These two are very talented builders.

The Sim is part walk though and part ride. I didn't take any photos of the ride. You will have to go there and experience it for yourself!

Love, Tourist Aly

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I really appreciate a well made build in Second Life so, I decided to make a blog about the places I visit. It could be anything from a themed Sim, an interesting store or simply some one's home. I am not a very good writer so I am hoping the photos I take will speak for themselves :)

Now if I could just remember who made the fanny pack...

Love, Tourist Aly